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Experience the fusion of entertainment and technology with FlickDirect. Our mission: to revolutionize your moviegoing experience. Being one of the pioneers in implementing a mobile-first strategy, FlickDirect has curated a suite of groundbreaking movie apps designed to enrich your cinematic journey. Our technologically advanced apps have been appreciated and featured in esteemed publications like GQ and Esquire Magazine.

Movies Now!™ App (iOS)

Movie App: Movies Now App

Introducing a Social Movie App Experience!

Chart Position: 93* in Entertainment Apps in the United States.

The Movies Now™ app keeps you updated with movies, provides alerts for breaking news and movie reviews, release reminders, streaming info, and allows you to chat with friends about films, reviews, related films, and more. It even lets you watch trailers and participate in group watching (requires iOS 15.2 or later).

*Top Chart Position since June 11th, 2023.

** Movies Now!™ is backed by the robust FlickDirect Movie Database.

Movie Deals+™ App (iOS)

Movie App: Movie Deals App

Enjoy Up To 75% Off On Your Favorite Movies!

Why scatter when you can have all your movie download options in one spot? Movie Deals+ gathers all the best deals each day, allowing you to download your favorite movies starting from $4.99.

Wishlist: Be notified when a movie deal matches a movie on your list.

Movie Tralers+™ App (Andriod)

Movie Trailers + app

Revolutionizing The Trailer Viewing Experience!

Chart Position: 14 in "Movie Trailers" Apps

Movie Trailers +, brought to you by FlickDirect, is the ultimate hub for all movie and TV trailer aficionados. It houses a vast collection of classic to contemporary trailers for films, streaming, and television content. Stay ahead with the latest in movie and TV releases by downloading our app today.

Movie App Endorsements

Get More Out of Movies With Movies Now! — GQ Magazine

The days of heading to IMDB are over! — Esquire Magazine

One of the Coolest Movie Apps Around — MTV News

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